Occupy NH Stages May Day Protest in Dover

May 1, 2012

The Occupy Movement held May-Day rallies all over the across the country yesterday. In New Hampshire the protest was focused on immigration reform.

Around ninety protesters in Dover were entertained by music from the “Leftist Marching Band”, as they rallied to support immigrants in the Granite state

Immigration activist Eva Castillo MC’ed the Event.

"We have to press our congress-people and our senators to pass immigration reform," Castillo called from Dover's city hall steps,"Every day that goes on without immigration reform families get split apart."

But the protest garnered pushback as well: about a half-dozen Tea Party counter-protesters picketed quietly to one side, led by Former New Hampshire Republican Party chair, Jack Kimball.

Kimball says his group favors legal immigration, and those here illegally should return to their country of origin.