Open Road Tolling In Hooksett Open For Business

May 22, 2013

Drivers with an EZPass can now go through the tolls in Hooksett at up to 65 miles per hour, after the state launched four open road tolling lanes there on Wednesday.

Department of Transportation spokesman Bill Boynton said the goal was to get the project finished before the arrival of tourists for Memorial Day weekend.

“It’s going to make a difference in Hooksett. It’s going to again save time and money, we believe it will save something like 14 and a half percent in travel time, several hundred thousand gallons of gasoline a year, improve air quality. So there are a lot of plusses associated with it.”

The four high-speed lanes – two each way – are separated by concrete barriers.

Signs are posted to make sure drivers know they are not supposed to slow down.

The state’s opened its first open road tolling facility in Hampton three years ago.

Boynton says with upwards of 80,000 vehicles a day passing through during the summer, Hooksett was a logical next step.

He says the state may look at installing the high-speed tolling lanes in Bedford.