Our 11th Annual New Hampshire Newsmakers Of The Year Show

Dec 31, 2013

Two thousand thirteen was a year of budget battles in the state house and monkey wrenches for the Affordable Care Act. When medical marijuana supporters saw victory, marathoners witnessed tragedy and the North Country lost a beloved politician. We’ll look at the big stories of year, and see how they may play out in twenty fourteen.


  • Kevin Landrigan - longtime reporter for the Telegraph of Nashua.
  • Matt Simon - legislative analyst for the Marijuana Policy Project
  • Todd Bookman - NHPR's health reporter.
  • John Greabe - professor of law at the University of New Hampshire School of Law.
  •  Karen Brassard - Nashua mother of two who was seriously injured during the Boston Marathon Bombing.
  • BJ Perry - Republican strategist and campaign advisor for the Friends of Ray Burton Campaign.