Ovide Lamontagne Outlines Campaign for Governor

Aug 14, 2012

Republican candidate for governor, Ovide Lamontagne, came on NHPR’s ‘The Exchange’ today to discuss his campaign.

Lamontagne says his campaign is focused on the economy and jobs. He wants to loosen regulations on local business and support free enterprise.

He also says he would develop a ‘zero-base’ or ‘prospective’ budget versus New Hampshire’s current ‘maintenance’-style budget.

What the maintenance budget approach says to our department heads: ‘tell us what it’s going to cost us for the next two years to do what you just did the last two years.’ When I put together the budget, we’re going to ask our people to say: ‘identify what it is you’re going to be doing over the next two years.’

While speaking on ‘The Exchange,’ Lamontagne also said that he’s open to supporting the legalization of medical marijuana.

If there’s a legitimate medical purpose to be achieved by the decision of a doctor, then I’d say then let’s work with the federal government to make this happen here in New Hampshire for our citizens.

The primaries are September 11. The other Republican candidates are Kevin Smith and Robert Tarr.