Pataki Makes 2016 Bid Official At Exeter Rally

May 28, 2015

Former New York Governor George Pataki announced his bid for president this morning at a rally in Exeter. The Exeter town hall was sweltering and packed with perhaps as many New Yorkers as Granite Staters.

In his speech, the former New York Governor covered traditional Republican priorities and reform-minded proposals.

“The first thing I will do is say if you ever served one day in Congress you will never be a lobbyist. There will be a lifetime ban on members of congress ever becoming lobbyists.”

On the military, Pataki’s language was aggressive. “Now is not the time to weaken America’s military. It’s time to strengthen America’s military.” However, he followed, “we will not be the world’s policemen.”

Pataki became governor of New York in an upset victory over Democrat Mario Cuomo in 1994. He was in office during the terrorist attacks of September 11, and served three terms.