Perry Emphasizes Experience, Economic Policy In New Hampshire

Jun 7, 2015

In his first visit to New Hampshire after formally launching his second presidential bid, Rick Perry described the 2016 campaign as a “show me, don't tell me” election. Speaking at a house party in Meredith, he says most of the contenders in the GOP field will agree on the issues, but not every candidate will be able to point to his or her record to underscore those positions.


“Don't be telling me what you're going to do," Perry said. "I want to see people who have done things. When have you led? That's what we need to be asking every one of these candidates? When have you led? Show me your record.”


Perry said his record as Texas governor included strong job growth during the national economic downturn. He outlined two ideas to boost the national economy: further boosting North American energy production and cutting US corporate taxes. “We'll drive down the cost of electricity; you drive down the cost of doing business," Perry said. "You have a regulatory climate that is fair and predictable and we will have the greatest days, the most powerful renaissance of American manufacturing in the history of this country.”


When asked about immigration, Perry said he would fly manned or drone aircraft near the border to identify illegal or suspicious activity, and send rapid response teams in when such activity was spotted. He said he would hold off any discussion of what to do about undocumented immigrants already in the US until the border was secure.


Ahead of the trip Perry's campaign announced the members of its state leadership team. Mike Dennehy will serve as the campaign's New Hampshire senior advisor; the longtime state political strategist is best known for heading John McCain's successful efforts to win the New Hampshire presidential primary in 2000 and again in 2008.


Perry also spoke at Nashua Community College Sunday. This is his second run for the White House; he finished sixth in the 2012 New Hampshire primary.