Perry Talks Up Bipartisanship; Defends GOP Iran Letter

Mar 12, 2015

Credit josh rogers/nhpr

Rick Perry gave a morning speech at St. Anselm college. By lunch he was at a Concord law firm, stressing the executive experience he gained as Texas’s longest serving governor.

Perry described the national mood as "pessimistic," but said would take just a few good decisions -- particularly on energy policy -- to change that. He also called for for cooperation across the asile.

"We want to get to the same places. And we’ve got to have a leader that’s willing to every day reach out and work with who may not play on the same team on election day, but the rest of the time we ought to be playing on the American team."

Perry's tone was more partisan partisan tone when talking about foreign policy. He told the crowd at St. Anselm College he was proud to sign on to the letter sent by 47 GOP senators to leaders in Iran.

That letter warned Iran that any nuclear deal struck with President Obama could be scrapped by a future president.  

Perry’s visit, which continues through Friday afternoon.  He told reporters he's already spent more time in N.H. in recent months than he did during his entire 2012 Presidential run. afternoon, with stops in Gorham, Lancaster, Littleton Meredith and Belmont.