Photos: Week Of April 26th

Apr 26, 2013

News Director Sarah Ashworth guest hosts The Exchange
Credit Sara Plourde / NHPR

Students gather at Dartmouth College in response to recent hate speech.
Credit Liz Faiella for NHPR

In looking at the emergence of social media self-portraits, or "selfies," the Word of Mouth team took a minute to take their own. Clockwise from top left, selfies of Rebecca Lavoie, Taylor Quimby, Zach Nugent, and Virginia Prescott.
Credit WoM Team for NHPR

Ash limbs that have been peeled and found not to be infested by emerald ash borer stack up in a warehouse in Concord. This week, Environment Reporter Sam Evans-Brown went along on a hunt for the elusive beetle.
Credit Sam Evans-Brown / NHPR

At a recent open house, Professor Patrick McCarthy describes the ASL Interpretation program in sign language, while Prof. Jack Hoza and a prospective student look on.
Credit Amanda Loder / NHPR