On The Political Front: Guinta Interviews Generate More Questions Than Answers About His Finances

May 18, 2015

It’s been a tough few days for first district congressman Frank Guinta. First, the news that the Federal Elections Commission found Guinta violated campaign finance laws by accepting $355,000 money from his parents in 2010,  then Joe McQuaid, publisher of The Union Leader ran a six word editorial: "Frank Guinta is a damned liar." Shortly after, U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte said Guinta owes voters a full accounting.

And it may only get worse. The Eagle Tribune ran an editorial yesterday calling on Guinta to resign, and then there have been the interviews – with WMUR, NH1 and The Union Leader - in which Guinta sought to clear things up, but really only generated more questions.

NHPR's Senior Political Reporter Josh Rogers joins Morning Edition with more on the Guinta story, the calls for his resignation, and how it might affect the 2016 primary race in New Hampshire.