PolitiFact Rulings: Speaker Bill O'Brien Responds and Shea-Porter's Veterans Ad

Sep 28, 2012

Every Friday leading up to Election Day, we’ll check in with PolitiFact to find out just how truthful the candidates have been on the campaign trail. PolitiFact New Hampshire is a partnership of The Telegraph in Nashua and the national PolitiFact.com, a project of the Tampa Bay Times.  The goal is to help you find the truth in politics.  They research candidates’ statements and then rate their accuracy on the Truth-O-Meter.   Morning Edition host Rick Ganley talks with the Telegraph’s managing editor for content, Jonathan Van Fleet.

In this conversation:

-Speaker Bill O'Brien responds to his "half-true" rating last week

-Fact check on a claim made by former Congresswoman Carol Shea Porter, who is running against Republican Frank Guinta in the state’s First Congressional District.