Pre-Pay Option Opens EZ-Pass Lane To The EZ-Pass Averse

Aug 29, 2013

Credit Sean_Marshall / Flickr Creative Commons

The New Hampshire Department of Transportation has introduced another way for motorists to bypass the hassle of stopping to pay for tolls. Drivers who would like to use the EZ pass lane but don’t want to pay for a transponder can now do so by pre-paying online.

The DOT says the program is in place for the upcoming holiday weekend. “This reaches that segment of the population that may travel to come on vacation or visit New Hampshire once or twice a year,” says Chris Waszczuk, administrator of the Bureau of Turnpikes, “this provides them an opportunity to prepay for that trip.”

Payments are made in advance of a trip on New Hampshire turnpikes by setting up a prepaid account and registering a license plate.

Images of the license plate traveling through the dedicated E-ZPass lane or open road tolling lane will be matched to the account. The toll will be automatically deducted from the prepaid account balance.