Profits, Prices Up In New Hampshire Health Insurance Market

Dec 18, 2013

Anthem continues to dominate New Hampshire's insurance market.
Credit N.H. Insurance Department '2012 Medical Cost Drivers Report'

A new report finds health care costs in the state continue to rise, even as New Hampshire residents visit doctors less often.

The Insurance Department’s annual report, based on 2012 rates, finds average premiums were up just about 1% from the year before. But Tyler Brannen, an analyst with the Department, says those premium dollars are actually buying consumers less coverage.

“Compared to what you got last year, you are paying more and getting less, and that puts more responsibility on the member, to the extent they have to pay for more health care services.”

But Brannen adds the rate of both increasing insurance prices and declining benefits is slowing down.

The report also finds insurance companies in the state had a good 2012. Despite reporting higher administrative costs, profit margins jumped by 80%.

Some of that is likely due to people actually using less health care as they find themselves on the hook for more costs.