Proposed Law Would Require Northern Pass To Bury Lines

Nov 16, 2012

A North Country representative is proposing legislation that would require the Northern Pass Transmission lines to be buried.

NHPR’s Chris Jensen reports.

Rep. Larry Rappaport of Colebrook is introducing legislation he says could end the fight over the transmission towers proposed by Northern Pass.

Rappaport says his bill would require any utility company undertaking an “elective” project to bury the transmission lines.

“Elective” means the project isn’t needed to improve the overall reliability of the power grid.

What does Rappaport think such a law would mean to Northern Pass?

“They have to bury it. It is an elective project.”

Under current regulations – as an elective project - Northern Pass would not be able to pass that cost along to customers.

Some electric projects around the country have buried their transmission lines.

Northern Pass says it would be too expensive, although it has yet to provide an estimate of the cost.

In 2011 Rappaport introduced a bill restricting the use of eminent domain.  Earlier this year it was signed into law by Gov. Lynch.

A spokesman for Northern Pass, didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

For NHPR News this is Chris Jensen