Proposing A Food Corps For America's Public Schools

May 19, 2010

We begin today with school lunches. In between algebra and U.S. history, public school students often have 20 minutes or so to scarf down less-than-satisying meals. The sugary junk food on sale in cafeterias is one reason that one in three children born in 2000 is on track to develop Type ll Diabetes.

Nutrition advocates are lobbying schools to incorporate more healthy food choices, physical activity and agricultural education. The proposed Food Corps program would fall under the umbrella of AmeriCorps, with backing from the Farm-to-School Network, the Kellogg Foundation, and well-known figures such as First Lady Michelle Obama.

Supporters plan to officially propose Food Corps in 2011. Here to talk about the idea is Cecily Upton, Food Corps planning team member and former manager of youth programs for Slow Food USA. She joined us from Detroit, where the National Farm To Cafeteria Conference is taking place. And Andre Cantelmo, a local produce and grain farmer at Heron Pond farm in South Hampton. He supplies food to local public schools.

Food Corps


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