With Record Turnout, Derry Voters Overturn Controversial Budget Cuts

Oct 14, 2015

Derry Municipal Center

Voters in Derry have overturned hundreds of thousands of dollars in budget cuts to the town’s public safety departments passed by councilors earlier this year.

More than 6,000 voters turned out for Tuesday’s special election, with all eight petitions on the ballot passing.

Voters chose to restore cuts to overtime and staffing for the town’s fire and police departments, and to reopen one of the town’s fire stations that closed this summer after the budget was passed in May.

Voters also reversed cuts to the town’s public works department and restored the town’s director of human resources position.

A group of residents opposed to the cuts collected signatures for the petitions to repeal the cuts.

Councilors initially ignored the petitions, but a court ordered the town to hold a special election.

Officials say Tuesday’s turnout was a town record for a special election.