Reviewing Google Glass

Aug 15, 2013

Last February, Google sent out invitations for developers and consumers to “test drive” its new Google Glass technology – a head mounted computer that can access email and is equipped with a camera. The winners of the “Glass Explorer” program were required to attend an event in New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles before purchasing the wearable eyeglass computer for fifteen-hundred dollars. Reviews for the cutting-edge gadget have been mixed – there are concerns about safety, distraction, and privacy in Congress, along with more sartorial complaints about Google Glass being inexcusably geeky.

Though Glass has come up on our program more than once, we’ve never had the opportunity to talk with someone who actually uses it- Jessica Boucher is a New Hampshire native and product manager at Job-Science. She just got Google Glass and offered to drop by the station and tell us how it’s working out.