Ride-Sharing Services Like Uber Legalized In Portsmouth

Aug 4, 2015

Credit Paul Goddin via Flickr CC / https://flic.kr/p/rZZE1N

The city of Portsmouth has legalized the ride-sharing service Uber.

The Portsmouth Herald reports that the ordinance was passed along with an amendment to delay its implementation by 45 days.

Assistant Mayor Jim Splaine says he was concerned about the logistics of the ordinance, including provisions that require ride-sharing companies to provide proof of insurance and proof of background checks, but he says the 45-day delay is wise.

Uber is a smart phone app that connects travelers with drivers. Drivers often charge a fee.

Ryan Fallon is the first Uber driver to begin operating in the city. He told the Portsmouth Herald in July that he was “excited” that the City Council is “legitimizing Uber drivers.