Romney Rallies in Nashua

Sep 8, 2012

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney spoke at a rally in Nashua on Friday night.

Approaching the stage of a crowded baseball stadium in Nashua to the Kid Rock song Born Free, Mitt Romney and his wife greeted their supporters with smiles and waves.

(Music and cheers…)

Romney said the latest job numbers from August reflect what he calls the president’s poor management of the economy.

“There were four times as many people who dropped out of the work force as the net new jobs created under this president.”

The jobs report showed a slight drop in unemployment from 8.3 percent to 8.1. The U.S. Labor Department reported 96,000 jobs added last month—which is fewer than had been expected.

The rally also featured speeches by New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte, Congressman Charlie Bass and State Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley.