Same-Sex Couples Can Enroll For Benefits In August

Aug 22, 2013

Public employees on the state’s benefit plan can add their same-sex spouse to their insurance plan during a short enrollment period through the end of the month.

The State Employees Association alerted members this week that same-sex employees are now eligible to enroll. This is due to the Supreme Court’s overturning the Defense of Marriage Act earlier this year.

Deb Lacross is an accountant with the Department of Health and Human Services. She says the social and financial implications are huge for her family.

“My wife can file her status as married, which saves $250 per paycheck in taxes, because she can file married, not single. That’s a huge amount of money.”

Lacross says her family pays for two insurance plans, as well as hundreds of dollars in taxes for imputed income.

Same-sex couples can enroll for medical and dental insurance in addition to flexible spending accounts.