Sarah Long Bridge Repair Could Take A Month, Total Cost Unknown

Apr 3, 2013

Credit Muffet / Flickr Creative Commons

  State Department of Transportation officials say at least two steel trusses on the Sarah Long Bridge will need to be replaced, after a tanker struck the bridge on Monday.

While estimates of the total cost of repair remain unknown, it’s clear the damage from the accident earlier this week was substantial.

Department of Transportation Spokesman Bill Boynton says the bridge connecting Portsmouth and Kittery, Maine took a "big hit."

The tanker Harbour Feature broke free from its mooring and drifted into the bridge Monday afternoon.

In addition to the two steel trusses that need to be replaced, Boynton says the department is analyzing others to see whether they can be salvaged.

An underwater inspection on Wednesday found that one of the piers sustained damage and is being evaluated as to whether it needs to be replaced.

The bridge remains closed and Boynton says the state is looking at a four-week time frame to complete the repair work.