Scott Brown Files Candidacy And Resigns From Florida Company

Jun 4, 2014

As he filed for office, Scott Brown said he was focused on the issues that matter.

Credit Josh Rogers

“And what matters right now is making sure that people are getting  a good value for their dollars and they are not paying an exorbitant amount of many for their health care, and their medical care, obviously, and their energy prices.”

The press, however, questioned Brown repeatedly about his ties to a Florida company, Global Digital Solutions, which says it’s in the firearms business but according to the Boston Globe has “no revenue, no patents, no trademarks, no manufacturing facilities, and no experience developing weapons.”

The company  awarded Brown 1.3 million dollars worth of stock options exchange for advice. Brown declined to characterize this advice, nor would he say if he planned to continue his relationship to the company during the campaign.

“Yeah, I’ll make any decisions known when the time is appropriate.”

About 90 minutes later, Brown resigned from the company and relinquished his stock options.  In a statement Brown called his continued role at Global Digital Solutions  a “ unnecessary and unwanted distraction.”