Sen. Ayotte Says She'll Support Immigration Reform Bill

Jun 10, 2013

Sen. Kelly Ayotte on "Face The Nation."
Credit CBS

U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte said this weekend that she will support immigration reform legislation currently under debate in the Senate.

Appearing Sunday morning on CBS’ Face the Nation, Ayotte said she has examined the bill and called it a "thoughtful, bipartisan solution to a tough problem."

"With the 11 million, bringing them out of the shadows. A tough but fair way for them to earn citizenship. Go to the back of the line. Pay taxes. Pass a criminal background check. Learn English."

The legislation was drafted by the so-called Gang of Eight – a group of four Republicans and four Democrats.

Ayotte said the bill helps address the issue of immigration by calling for more border agents, more fencing and better surveillance technology.

The bill needs the support of 60 Senators to overcome a filibuster.