Sen. Gallus Supported Controversial, Tougher Voter ID

Mar 25, 2012


Sen. John Gallus, a Republican from Berlin who represents the North Country, was among 19 senators voting last week in favor of a new and more restrictive voter identification measure.

As NHPR reported: “Earlier this month, a bill requiring voters to show valid photo identification or sign an affidavit was approved with the backing of Town Clerks and the Secretary of State.

“This new Republican-backed legislation would require those seeking to vote in New Hampshire to also register their vehicles in the State and apply for a New Hampshire driver’s license.

“Opponents of voter ID laws say that college students, minorities and seniors would be disproportionately impacted by its requirements.  

“This bill is part of a series of bills aimed at, what I think, is an extremely unlikely source of voting fraud,” says Senator Amanda Merrill, a Democrat from Durham.

Republicans say these measures are needed to prevent voter fraud and insure fair elections.”

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