Sen. Shaheen Sees 'Positive Progress' Toward Diplomatic Solution To Syria

Sep 13, 2013

Credit File Photo / NHPR

During a stop in Concord today, Senator Jeanne Shaheen says she remains hopeful a diplomatic solution can be reached with regard with Syria.

“We’ve seen some positive progress in terms of the proposal from President Putin and Syria’s willingness to finally acknowledge that they have chemical weapons and to say they’re willing to sign onto the chemical weapons convention.” 

She says the question now is how quickly the Syrian government will follow through in giving up its chemical weapons.

Shaheen, a Democrat and member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, voted in favor of a resolution authorizing the use of military force, following a reported chemical weapons attack by the Bashar al-Assad regime.

President Obama asked Congress this week to delay a full vote on the resolution as diplomatic options are explored.