Senate Opts For Study on Northern Pass and Wind Farms

Mar 28, 2013

The New Hampshire Senate rejects placing a one year moratorium on wind farms and new electric transmission projects, and instead opts to study how such projects are sited and whether new transmission lines could be buried.

The study passed 23-1, but only after a long debate and the defeat of two proposals to impose moratoria strongly backed by opponents of wind farms and the Northern Pass project.

Before the final vote, Senate majority leader Jeb Bradley, who'd angered Northern Pass critics by stripping a ban of that project out of an earlier version of the bill,  told colleagues  he hoped more study would cool what he called the "white-hot rhetoric" surrounding these issues.

"I ask everybody, and not just the 24 people that are sitting here, but the people who are saying all the things they are saying to all the people out there to come together, and work to improve our state  so the people can have the reliable eclectic system that we all need."   

Bills to slow or block wind farms and the Northern Pass project were also considered by the N.H. House, which voted retain them in committee

over the summer.