Senate President Sets Priorities for 2012

Senate President Peter Bragdon says improving the business climate will be among his top priorities going into the 2012 session.

Bragdon wants to see the tax code cleaned up.

In truth, Senate President Peter Bragdon has two primary goals for next year.

He wants to push through a constitutional amendment on education funding that has the backing of Governor Lynch.

And he wants to make it easier for businesses to grow and thrive in the Granite State.

To accomplish that second objective, Bragdon says the corporate and LLC tax codes need to be combed. 

“Your average entrepreneur hopefully will not have to hire an attorney to start a small company. Won’t have to bring in an accountant to start a small company. Reducing costs, allowing people to get off the ground.”

Bragdon added he would support the repeal of gay marriage if it comes to the Senate, but isn’t a top priority.

He says he would have to be persuaded to expand the state’s death penalty.