Senator Rand Paul Rallies Millenials At Liberty Event

Sep 12, 2014


Sen. Rand Paul addresses Millenials in Manchester
Credit Emily Corwin / NHPR

  Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has plans to endorse Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown this afternoon among college students at UNH. Last night, Paul addressed a similar demographic at an event in Manchester.

Before 150 or so young people brought together by GenOpp – a liberty-minded youth activism nonprofit – Rand Paul hammered away at issues many millenials say they care about: from the President’s power to declare war, to the NSA, to Guantanamo Bay:

"Here’s the thing," Paul said about the issues, including imprisoning Americans without a trial, "even if you think the president won’t do it, no man, no woman alive should be given that kind of power."

Scott Brown will announce Rand Paul’s endorsement at a "Unity Rally" at UNH later today.