Shaheen Campaign Jumps On Brown's Connection To "Serial Outsourcer"

Aug 25, 2014

Credit Josh Rogers

Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s campaign is trying to paint a company that paid her opponent Scott Brown $270,000 dollars as a “serial outsourcer.”

Brown has been on the board of directors of Kadant Incorporated, which supplies equipment for the pulp and paper industry, since February of 2013. The company’s annual report, which Brown signed off on, says it plans to grow in the US market by “using low cost manufacturing bases, such as China and Mexico.”

In response the Shaheen campaign organized a press call with Paul Grenier, Mayor of Berlin a city that has been hit hard by outsourcing.

“The people who work manufacturing jobs are those who go to church on Sundays are your Boy Scouts and Girl Scout leaders, are your little league coaches are your hockey coaches,” said Grenier, “That part of the middle class is being threatened severely by outsourcing of jobs.”

The Brown campaign declined to comment on the issue, but the New Hampshire GOP chair Jennifer Horn issued a statement saying, that Shaheen accepts campaign donations from several which outsource jobs, and when she was governor part of New Hampshire’s food stamp program was outsourced to India by Citibank, which was administered the debit card portion of that program.