Shaheen Lauds Immigration Reform Bill At Portmsouth Naturalization Ceremony

Jul 4, 2013

Navy Color Guard, July 4 naturalization ceremony, Strawbery Banke,Portsmouth
Credit Emily Corwin / NHPR

  One hundred twenty-four people from over 50 nations gathered in Portsmouth on Independence day to become American citizens.

Senior Senator Jeanne Shaheen spoke before the jubilant crowd. After urging the new Americans to contribute to the nation by participating in civic life, she brought up the immigration reform bill the US Senate signed last week:

It’s a reform bill that addresses illegal immigration by strenghtneing border security, and puts in place a tough, long but fair process for citizenship for those undocumented immigrants that are in the country today. They have to get in line after those like you who got here legally.

After Senator Shaheen’s speech, the new citizens heard from Portsmouth poet laureate, Kimberly Green.