Shaheen Sips A Smutty, Compares Small Business Voting Record To Brown's

Sep 19, 2014

Peter Egelston, founder and president of Smuttynose Brewery, showed Senator Shaheen what's on tap this fall.
Credit Emily Corwin / NHPR

No later than 11 a.m. this morning, Senator Jeanne Shaheen celebrated the four-year anniversary of the Senate's Small Business Jobs and Credit Act with a few sips of Smutty.

Smuttynose’s new brewery in Hampton was financed in part with loans from the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act. That bill, which became law in 2010, created a $30 billion lending program through the U.S. Treasury.

Shaheen hoped to shine a spotlight on that bill today because she and her opponent, former Massachusetts Senator, Scott Brown both voted on it.

Shaheen told reporters she voted ‘yes,’ while Scott Brown and all but two of his Republican colleagues voted ‘no.’ “What he supported was corporate special interests, every time he had an opportunity,” Shaheen said. ‘What he didn’t support were the small business initiatives like the Small Business Jobs Act, which he voted against.”

Earlier today, Scott Brown toured GE Aviation in Hooksett. The company builds components for military aircraft, and is one of the largest employers in New Hampshire.