Snow Storms Parading Into N.H.

Dec 24, 2012

The National Weather service's prediction of where it will be rain, snow, or freezing rain on 1pm on Thursday.
Credit National Weather Service / National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

There’s some snow on tap for the Granite State. The Northeast seems to be in a pattern of unsettled weather, with two storms swinging through in just a matter of days. The first flakes should begin to fly tonight, as a weak system passed through clipping the bottom of the state.

Hometown Forecast Service’s Rob Carolan says this quick hit should amount to about an inch for the southern part of the state, and just a dusting up North.

Carolan: It should be all said and done by about noon tomorrow.

But a second storm, pulling moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, is on deck for Wednesday evening into Thursday

Carolan: Now that storm because it’s going to have so much more moisture associated with it, it could put down 3-6 inches before a change-over in southern New Hampshire, maybe 4-8 inches of snow across central New Hampshire before a changeover to sleet. The Northern part of the state would see the jackpot: 6-12 inches of snowfall, with over a foot likely in the White Mountains.

Carolan notes, it’s still a bit far out to know the storm track for sure, but if other storms this year have been any indication, this one could slide farther west, meaning more rain and less snow.