Southern N.H. Debates Natural Gas Pipeline Proposal

Feb 5, 2015

With high energy costs and inadequate means for transporting natural gas into the region, some are championing construction of an interstate pipeline spanning eighty miles and seventeen communities in New Hampshire’s southern region.  But opposition is fierce among those concerned about environmental impact and property values.

Credit Kinder Morgan




  • Sam Evans-Brown's report on yesterday's Kinder Morgan open house in Winchester: "There's already a great deal of organized opposition to the project in New Hampshire, after the proposed route was shifted into the state late last year."
  • Dave Solomon's article about the opposition to Kinder Morgan's proposed pipeline: "Residents of three states and more than 24 organizations have joined forces as StopNED to fight the Northeast Energy Direct (NED) proposal, which would bring natural gas from the shale formations of Pennsylvania into New England through a new pipeline that would traverse New York, Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire."