Southern N.H. To See Freezing Rain Through The Afternoon

Dec 23, 2013

The state is under a freezing rain advisory through this afternoon.

Meteorologist Rob Carolan says drivers in the southern part of the state should use caution through midday, as icing issues have already led to a few accidents this morning.

“Precipitation is going to be moving up from the south and west during the day today. That’s going to lead to additional icing, especially across southern New Hampshire this morning. The good news is as colder and drier weather becomes better established today, that precipitation is going to be pushed off shore, we’ll also notice that temperatures across southern New Hampshire will warm. So we’ll probably have icing issues through midday, across the southern third of the state.”

Carolan says northern New Hampshire saw icing over the weekend, but should see minimal ice accumulation today, with temperatures at or around freezing through midday.

Precipitation in northern New Hampshire will taper off in the afternoon.