Spring Snow Storms Into N.H.

Mar 19, 2013

New Hampshire was dealt a late-season winter storm on Tuesday.

With snow whipping across his face, Christian Driscoll did his best to stay warm as he filled up the tank of his wife’s car at a Londonderry gas station.

“I’m just grabbing some gas for the wife so she doesn’t have to do it then she’s on her way to Salem.”

While the calendar may say spring is only a day away, you wouldn’t know it by the weather. Driscoll says there’s not much you can do other than accept it.

“Well, ya know this is the last day of winter, and it’s certainly letting us know it’s the last day of winter. Hopefully it will all melt next week when spring comes in tomorrow. Hopefully it’ll all melt, ‘cause I’ve had it!”

The late-season storm is dumping than a foot of snow in some parts of the state.

Downtown Derry was a ghost town Tuesday morning, save for a few people shoveling sidewalks.

“We got away with it last year. This year we didn’t,” said a man shoveling in front of Rig A’ Tony’s in Derry.

That general feeling of resignation to the whims of New England weather was shared by many.

“It is what it is ya know? What are you gonna do? Got a lot of shoveling to do. A lot. Yep, I’ll be out all day,” said another man shoveling in Derry.

The storm forced schools across the state cancel classes for the day, and led to state police to reduce speed limits on highways to 45 miles per hour.

This morning southern areas of the state had as much as 9 inches of snow. Hometown Weather Forecaster’s Rob Carolan says the snow should slack off during the mid-day, but not for long. "The storm is not done with us," he says, "there’s a second area of energy that's coming out of Great Lakes later this afternoon, that will cause it to pick back up and we expect it produce an additional three to six inches of snow."

Carolan says the snow is likely to mix with rain for points East and South of Manchester this afternoon.

But for those sick of winter, there’s still more to come this week. "We're not out of woods," says Carolan, "There's going to be scattered snowshowers off and on tomorrow and into the day Thursday."