St. Paul's Grad To Be Sentenced On Sexual Assault Charge

Oct 29, 2015

A former student at St. Paul’s School who was convicted of sexually assaulting a then freshman girl will be sentenced this afternoon.

If given the maximum sentence 20-year-old Owen Labrie could face up to 11 years in prison.

Labrie’s lawyer J.W. Carney is asking the judge for probation along with community service and counseling.

But the judge has no discretion when it comes to Labrie’s felony conviction for using a computer to lure a minor, particularly when it comes to having to register as a lifetime sex offender. After 15 years; however,Labrie can apply to be removed from the registry. 

Both the victim and her family are expected to give statements before Labrie is sentenced.

During the trial Labrie admitted that he met up with the 15-year-old girl as part of a senior tradition but denied that he had sex with her.

His attorney says they plan to appeal to the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

Since the trial, Labrie has been on house arrest at his mother’s home in Vermont.