State Gets $233K For Butterfly Recovery

Apr 26, 2014

Credit aecole2010 / Flickr Creative Commons
A unique forest habitat in Concord that's home to the endangered Karner blue butterfly is getting a face-lift--and over $233,000 in funding --in an effort to increase the butterfly population.  The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service is getting the money to help maintain and restore the pine barrens, a mix of small trees, grassy areas and sandy soil, much of which has vanished nationwide to development.  The current population on the refuge is just over 1,500 butterflies. The goal is 3,000.  A prescribed burn with the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department was been scheduled for Friday at the pine barrens to help restore the habitat. Fire also reduces dangerous accumulations of wood that could result in wild, unmanageable fires if left unchecked.