State Senate OKs Medical Marijuana Bill

May 23, 2013

The New Hampshire Senate passed a medical marijuana bill 18-6 Thursday after changing a few key elements that were in the original House bill.

The senate changes, made at the behest of Governor Hassan, include the elimination of a “home-grow” option. Republican Senator John Reagan of Deerfield spoke in defense of the committee-amended bill. He was quick to point to the bill’s restrictions and called the list of approved conditions ‘narrow.’

“This law will not make New Hampshire a California, Colorado or Washington state. The restrictions in this bill will help ensure that this is a New Hampshire law to help New Hampshire patients.”

Proponents of a “home-grow” provision argue it would provide the terminally ill with quicker access to the drug. Without it, patients will have to wait about two years for legal access through four, state-licensed treatment centers. Some other changes were made to the list of qualifying conditions such as the removal of post-traumatic stress disorder and the addition of traumatic brain injury.

The bill now goes to the House where lawmakers will either agree to the changes or ask the Senate to negotiate a compromise.