Storm To Drop 7-14 Inches In Southern N.H., 4-8 Inches In North Country

Feb 2, 2015

Credit Derrick Coetzee / Flickr CC

A winter storm is expected to blanket all of New Hampshire with several inches of snow today.

Rob Carolan with Hometown Forecast says the hardest snow will hit right during the Monday morning commute.

“The afternoon commute may be a little better,” he said. “By that time, the snow should have lightened up considerably.”

He said. the state’s southern half will likely see seven to fourteen inches of snow.

“There may be a few areas that do better than that in the Merrimack Valley towards the Seacoast,” he said.

In the Lakes Region and heading north, Carolan says the amounts start to drop off. The Lakes Region and Lebanon looks like about 6-12 inches, he said.

In the White Mountains to the Canadian border, about 4-8 inches, he said.