As Storm Eases Ski Resorts Say It's All Downhill From Here

Feb 9, 2013

While the storm is causing some problems around the state people at the ski resorts are delighted: Typically the resorts are reporting at least a foot of new snow.

“Conditions are great this morning. Lots of powder out there,” says Greg Kwasnik a spokesman for Loon Mountain. “I just went out and did a couple of runs. The winds aren’t that bad. They have not affected us at all.”

Kwasnik says crowds are about normal for a Saturday and he thinks some skiers probably decided to stay home because of the heavy snowfall in the southern part of the state.

But Sunday should be a different story.

“Tomorrow we are expecting an incredible day. It is going to be sunny. Temperatures in the 20’s. So, it should be fantastic,” he says.

Meanwhile the winter storm warning is in effect until 4 p.m. Saturday.