Strong Turnout in Littleton

Nov 6, 2012

So many voters were showing up at the poll in Littleton that parking was a challenge Tuesday morning.
Credit Chris Jensen for NHPR

With voting underway the first reports from the North Country indicate a strong turnout.

From right after the polls opened voting in Littleton was so heavy that parking became a problem, says Police Captain Chris Tyler.

“By 8’o’clock there was full capacity. The sides streets started filling up.”

By about 9:30 police had three people directing traffic.

Inside, voting booths were consistently full.

Credit Chris Jensen for NHPR

Gerald Winn is the town moderator.

“It has been steady. There has been a line right from the beginning. About an hour and a half in we’re 365 voters through already.”

And outside there was a steady stream of vehicles vying to parking spots.

For NHPR News this is Chris Jensen

Credit Chris Jensen for NHPR