Student Photo IDs Valid For Tuesday's Primaries In Manchester, Nashua

Sep 16, 2013

Credit justgrimes / Flickr Creative Commons

With the state’s two largest cities holding primaries on Tuesday, state election officials are reminding voters that college and high school photo IDs remain a valid form of identification at the polls.

A bill signed into law earlier this year kept student photo IDs issued in New Hampshire as a form of ID that voters can present at the polls.

Assistant Secretary of State David Scanlon says a driver’s license, U.S. passport, military ID card, or non-driver’s license issued by the DMV will also be accepted.

“If by chance a voter does not have any of those IDs, they still get to vote by simply signing an affidavit saying that they are who they say they are.”

Lawmakers also delayed for two years a provision that would have required photos to be taken of voters without ID.

In Manchester on Tuesday, voters will narrow down the candidates in several races, including the contest for mayor.

There is also a special election for a vacant state representative seat in Manchester’s Ward 7.

And voters in Nashua’s Ward 8 will weigh in on a Democratic primary, also for a vacant state representative seat.