Study Shows Impact of Arts and Culture Spending in N.H.

Jul 3, 2017

A new study, from the non-profit Americans for the Arts, shows arts and culture audiences spent almost $70 million in the four regions of the state that participated in the nationwide study.

That kind of spending makes an impact.

In Rochester, the study shows the amount of arts and culture spending has more than doubled since 2010 and now supports over 400 jobs in the city.

Jennifer Murphy Aubin is with the Rochester Office of Economic Development. She says a thriving arts scene can help attract other businesses who want to be sure they can recruit talent before setting up shop.

“Even if you don’t feel altruistic about the arts -- if you just want dollars and cents, you can say, dollars and cents, it brings in a lot of money.”

The other areas included in the study were the Greater Portsmouth area, the Greater Concord area, and the Monadnock Region.