A Summer Full Of Little Princes

Jul 24, 2013

Credit Courtesy Jared Mezzocchi

The Little Prince is one of the most read and beloved books in the world. The novella, written by the poet and aristocrat Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, drops two main characters from the sky…a downed pilot and a prince fallen to earth on a tiny asteroid. Though known mostly as a children’s story, The Little Prince was written during the escalation of World War II and contains clever criticism of society, lessons on human nature and whimsical watercolor illustrations. The Little Prince has been adapted for radio, film, ballet, and opera, and stage – including a production at Andy’s Summer Playhouse in Wilton, New Hampshire in the late 1990s that was especially memorable to our guest, Jared Mezzocchi. Now a successful multimedia director and projection designer, Jared is back to stage his own production of The Little Prince, which runs until July 27th.