Swanzey Carves Out a Home for New Pumpkin Festival

Oct 13, 2015

The Keene pumpkin festival may have moved to Laconia following last year’s riots, but the Monadnock region will still have a pumpkin festival this fall -- in nearby Swanzey.

Jennifer Matthews, who is organizing the new Monadnock Pumpkin Festival, said she wanted to find a way to continue the storied event after the Keene City Council decided not to host the pumpkin festival this year.

“We had two options," Matthews said, "either no festival or change the festival. And no festival didn’t sit well with me and a lot of other people.”

According to Jennifer, local non-profits were especially concerned about the loss of the festival because they rely heavily on the event as a fundraising opportunity.

This year’s Monadnock pumpkin festival will be similar to the past years’ event, though Matthews points out that the new venue is not within walking distance of Keene State College and is alcohol-free.

The event is scheduled for October 24th. Event details are here.