Ted Cruz Returns To New Hampshire This Weekend

May 29, 2015

Texas Senator Ted Cruz took a stroll through downtown Concord during his trip to New Hampshire this Friday. 

Ted Cruz spoke with local residents in downtown Concord on Friday.
Credit Paige Sutherland/NHPR

Cruz first made a stop at the Republican Majority Caucus where he met State Rep. Bill O’Brien and Former U.S. Sen. Bob Smith  – both have already decided to get behind Cruz in the GOP presidential race.

Cruz then made his way down Main Street greeting local residents.  

“One of the wonderful things about the people of New Hampshire is the men and women here take their responsibility very, very seriously. To look candidates in the eye to take the measure of the man to determine if the candidate is blowing smoke or telling the truth. What I hope New Hampshire residents do is ask every candidate, don’t tell me, show me,” he told NHPR.

Cruz is scheduled to be at Franklin Pierce University in Rindge Friday night and a house party at Bill O’Brien’s place on Saturday.