Top Stories: Anti-U.S. Protests Grow; U.S. Copts Fear Abuse In Egypt

Sep 14, 2012

Good Friday morning - here are our early headlines:

Friday Prayers In Muslim Countries Bring Wider Anti-American Protests.

Copts In U.S. Fear 'Terrible' Reaction In Egypt To Muhammed Film.

And here are more stories:

Extremely Powerful Hurricane Bearing Down On South Korea. (CNN)

Chicago Teachers' Strike Now In Fifth Day. (Chicago Sun-Times)

Pope Benedict XVI Arrives In Lebanon For Visit As Religious Tension Grows. (Washington Post)

British Prosecutors Open Multi-Billion Dollar Fraud Case Against Ex-UBS Trader. (Reuters)

Russia's Lower House Kicks Out Opposition Leader Who Protested Putin. (Financial Times)

Afghan Bus And Fuel Truck Collide; Explosion Kills Dozens Of Passengers. (Bloomberg)

French Magazine Draws Fire For Topless Photos Of Kate, Duchess Of Cambridge. (BBC)

There Are Snowflakes On Mars! Dry Ice Flakes Fall On Martian South Pole. (

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