Top Stories: Biden Campaign Controversy; 'March for Life' Founder Dies

Aug 15, 2012

Good Wednesday morning - we're watching these stories today:

Campaign Trail:Biden's Comment About 'Chains' Sparks Controversy.

Nellie Gray, Founder Of 'March For Life', Dies.

Dangerous Washington State Fire Only 10 Percent Contained. (Seattle Times)

Children Of Undocumented Workers Begin Applying For Permits To Stay In Country Legally. (Los Angeles Times)

Syrian Rebels Claim Responsibility For Blasts In Damascus Near U.N. Observers' Hotel. (Al Jazeera)

Japan Arrests Five Chinese Activists Who Landed On Disputed Islands In East China Sea. (Reuters)

Second Deadly Tropical Storm Hits Philippines In As Many Weeks, Bringing Flooding, Landslides. (AFP)

India Plans To Launch Mars Mission Next Year. (Financial Times)

Uneasy Calm In French City Following Nights Of Rioting By Youths. (AP)

Four Million Bumbo Baby Seats Recalled Due To Infant Fall Risk. (PR Newswire)

'Price Is Right' Holds Contest To Select First Male Model. (Entertainment Weekly)

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