Top Stories: Digital Cash Finds Foothold In NH; How To Build Your Own Faraday Cage

Mar 18, 2013

1.  Word of Mouth: Digital Cash Finds Foothold In NH

A digital currency is getting traction with New Hampshire residents looking for an alternative to the dollar: the Bitcoin, a "decentralized digital currency."

Credit Logan Shannon via Rob Fleischman's Brain

2.  Word of Mouth: D.I.Y. Sistine Chapel Security: How To Build Your Own Faraday Cage

Want to keep your home as signal-secure as the Sistine Chapel will be during the Conclave? It really does seem surprisingly easy to create one out of a few relatively inexpensive materials easily acquired from your local hardware store.

3.  NH News: As N.H. Weighs Medical Marijuana, Neighboring States Say Their Programs Are Working

New Hampshire is bordered by states all in varying stages of implementing their own medical marijuana programs. As the Granite State moves forward with its own proposal, we look at those neighboring states to see how their programs compare and what issues they have that we could see here.

Credit Meg Heckman

4.  Word of Mouth: Transplant Tourism

Organ and tissue transplantation is a rapidly-developing area of medicine, one that’s rich with the potential to save lives and fraught with tough policy questions. The demand for replacement organs far outweighs the supply, so many patients die waiting. Others are willing to take drastic steps -- like moving to another state or a foreign country -- to get the organs they need to survive.

5.  NH News: 1763: A Landmark Year In New Hampshire History

New Hampshire history professor Stuart Wallace, makes a pretty bold claim: 1763 was one of the most important years in New Hampshire history.

6.  NH News: SNHU Responds To Military Students Hit By Sequester

Until about two weeks ago, active duty armed service members could count on $4,500 a year to help pay for college tuition.  But with the military suspending the benefit because of sequestration, Southern New Hampshire University is trying to bridge that gap.

Credit Sam Evans-Brown / NHPR

7.  Environment: Newfound Voters Reject Wind Farms

It’s town meeting season. Around Newfound Lake Several towns are contemplating non-binding resolutions to take the pulse of voters on the question of wind-farms. The votes show strong sentiment against more wind-farms in the area, and scant support.

Credit Emily Corwin / NHPR

8.  Arts & Culture: How To Make Furniture Sexy (And Other Lessons From An Artist)

Vivian Beer builds sexy furniture in a warehouse in Manchester.  At the moment – she’s cutting and welding a giant sheet of steel into a bench. Later, Beer will cover the steel structure in a bright shade of autobody paint, and bolt it to a block.  The bench is part of a series of benches – each which are oddly suggestive of a woman’s high heel shoe.

9.  North Country: Shaheen, Ayotte Query Feds On Northern Pass Trespassing Question

After some North Country residents complained that U.S. Department of Energy contractors working on the Northern Pass project are trespassing on their land, Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Kelly Ayotte have sent a letter to the federal Department of Energy looking into it.

10.  NH News: Hooksett School Board Candidates Divided On Where To Send High Schoolers

The Hooksett School Board is holding an election Tuesday to fill a seat vacated by the former Chair. And the two candidates running are divided on where to send their 680 high school students.