Top Stories: Egyptian 'Coup' Protested; Nerve Gas Suspect Arrested In Tokyo

Jun 15, 2012

It's Friday, and here are some of the stories we're watching:

Egypt's 'Smooth Military Coup' Protested.

Last Suspect In 1995 Sarin Attack Arrested In Tokyo.

Forest Boy Is A Hoax, Police Say.

Prosecutors Rest Their Case In Sandusky Sex Assaults Trial. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Britain Proposes Expanding Individual Data Tracking, Critics Slam Its Intrusiveness. (Telegraph)

Democracy Activist Aung San Suu Kyi Falls Ill Briefly, Resumes European Tour. (Reuters)

Spain's Debt Rises Sharply In The First Quarter, Up 30 Percentage Points Since 2008. (Wall Street Journal)

International Criminal Court Swears In Gambian Lawyer As Top Prosecutor, First Woman To Hold Position. (CNN)

China To Launch First Female Astronaut Into Space Tomorrow. (AP)

Tropical Storm Carlotta Poised To Become Hurricane Off Mexico's Pacific Coast. (AP)

In Sports: Tiger Tied For Second, Miami Ties Up NBA Finals.

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