Top Stories: Fact Checking The Democrats; European Interest Rates Are Unchanged

Sep 6, 2012

Good morning - here are some of our early stories:

Clinton And Other Dems Did Some Cherry-Picking, Fact Checkers Say.

European Central Bank Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged.

NFL Owner Art Modell Dies; He Was 'Vilified' In Cleveland, A Hero In Baltimore.

And here are more early stories:

Romney Says Americans Are Worse Off Today Than In 2009. (AP)

Paul Ryan Supports Prayer In Schools - If States Approve It. (New York Times)

Human Rights Watch Alleges CIA Officers Mistreated Libyan Detainees In Secret Prisons. (HRW)

Boat With Arab Immigrants Capsizes Off Turkey, Many Aboard Perish. (Al Jazeera)

German Airliner Lufthansa Cancels 48 Flights Before Worker Strike. (MarketWatch)

Indian Police Arrest Six After Fireworks Factory Blaze Kills 39. (Times Of India)

Hurricanes Michael And Leslie Strengthen In The Atlantic, Bermuda Is Threatened. (AFP)

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